Traditional Korean Dance ´Chum´

Korean Traditional dance at the GMA(Global Music Academy)in Berlin

This class offers Korean traditional dance techniques, composition & improvisation, multicultural forms, and contemporary of Korean traditional dance. The class will introduce you to Korean traditional dance and its original essence.

Learning the special ways of breathing, motion sequences and proper body tension allows you to experience your body as an instrument. Further your dexterity and increase your fine motor skills. Strengthen your ability to consciously perceive and analyze your body movements.

You will be able to develop an understanding of the general elements of Korean traditional dance, gain an explicit understanding of “Yin-Yang,” ”Earth(Floor),” and the meaning of “A Blank Space” and “Temperance,” in Oriental culture.

_ everybody can join in whenevery you want!!

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Where: Global Music Academy_Bergmannstr.29  10961 Berlin


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